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Prints and originals by Kate Morrow. 
Commisions are open (information below).

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Custom Commisioned Paintings and Designs Made to Order

Send me an email to order!

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Family/Pets/Landscapes/Abstracts - you choose -  the perfect gift or for your own home. 

*Prices for paintings vary depending on size. After you contact me with your desired specifications I will give you a quote.

*Expected waiting time after order is 3-4 weeks 


Need a logo for a business or for personal use? A business card? A digital brochure? The list is endless. I'm available for all your design needs!

Some background information I may ask from you for your design project:

  1. What is your company or business? What products or services do you provide?

  2. Business goals and scope of the project. Explain the purpose of the design, where it will be displayed(tshirt, letterhead, social media etc.)  and the logic behind your brand that should inspire it.

  3. Include your timeline and deliverables. Be sure to build in time for feedback and rounds of revision.

*Price includes two rounds of minor revisions.

4. Be specific about what file format you want the design delivered in and any additional versions of it (e.g., RGB, CMYK, one-color, two-color, EPS files). You will receive the original working file and a print ready pdf as standard.  

*Prices for design projects vary. After you contact me with your desired specifications I will give you a quote. 

*Expected waiting time after order is 1-3 weeks


Art made digitally. Paintings, posters, collages, illustrations, edited images... 

A digital file of the work comes as standard.

Digital art can be made into high quality prints. There will be a small additional fee depending on size and please allow for a longer waiting period.

*The price for a standard A4 digital art piece starts at 25euro (not including printing fees).

*Expected waiting time after order is 2-3 weeks.

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